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Become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Phlebotomy technicians are essential and require trained personnel to collect, package, and transport specimens to the correct lab or facility for processing. This program teaches students the fundamentals of phlebotomy and the skills necessary to perform the duties of a CPT in a Blended-Learning format. The student will engage in online modules that will guide the student through important topics relative to the field they will be working in as well as preparing for the national proctored exam. During the classroom sessions the students will apply what they have learned online to simulated scenarios and hands-on patient care. The students will perform: Blood Glucose Testing and other Point of Care Testing. Drawing blood using the order of draw. Preparing blood, Urine, and other specimens for testing. This is a 2 year National Certification. A computer is required to take the national proctored exam.